The Business offers a wide range of training, coaching, consulting and sales services and details can be accessed via the links below.

Tim Forman is able to enlist the support of specialist approved Associates which means that the Business can offer a wide range of expertise to meet the needs of clients at every level and in each area listed.

The Business is approved and assessed by a number of national training and consulting companies including DSW, Momenta, Marton House, Accenture and Huntswood and is a qualified growth coaching supplier for Science City York.


We are specialists in meeting your end to end training requirements from training needs analysis through to evaluation and review of a delivered training programme and we are also able to interpret, learn and deliver your own training material or design training material for your own training deliverers. We work with local and national Businesses directly and also in association with companies including DSW, Momenta, Marton House and Huntswood with whom we are proud to be associated. Training programmes range from one day or series of one and two day courses up to four or five week academies and include:

  • Sales skills
  • Marketing
  • Leadership and Management
  • Financial Services where we are qualified to diploma level through the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • Communications
  • Starting a business, establishing a business and developing a high growth business
  • Presentation skills
  • Impact networking

We provide support material with some courses requiring pre and post course workbooks and linked material and are able to conduct observations and assessments.

Business Coaching and Consulting

If we find a patch of open ground and divide a group of people into two equal teams and hand them a ball what will be the outcome? The answer is that there won’t be one as there are no goals! Children playing in the street use a couple of jumpers or bins to mark the goals so they know where they are aiming and what they need to do to succeed.

In Business you need to have clear goals (aims) and specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed (SMART) ways (objectives) of meeting them.

We work with Businesses on goal setting, business planning, understanding their business, financial and cost management, sales and marketing, leadership and management and people development. We will take time to understand you and your business and develop a practical working relationship with you, initially consulting without charge, involving face to face meetings, telephone consultations and email communication.

Personal Coaching

‘Thanks for all your help Tim.  I wouldn’t have achieved this without you so many thanks for your patience (as the poor excuses for not having done anything rattled off my tongue!), and the motivational (kick in the butt!) telephone calls and e-mails!’

Email from a Diploma Candidate with the Chartered Management Institute – April 2010

Coaching takes many forms – face to face, email, telephone calls – and in whatever form it takes it should not be confused with counselling (dealing with the past) or mentoring (working alongside someone in their role).

Coaching is all about the future and enabling those being coached to achieve their goals. To support this process we are advocates of using the GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) coaching model and we use this in our work in career, personal development, study support and sports coaching.

We are proud to be qualified to coach Chartered Management Institute qualification candidates through the Studyflex centre  up to and including level seven and of our close working relationship with The Coaching Academy.

We always aim to develop long term relationships with our clients and initial consultations are offered without charge so that we both may establish whether this is the best way forward for you.


Tim Forman gained over 20 years experience in sales with national companies before establishing his own business in 2004.

His experience centres on financial services where he now trains regulated sales with Businesses including Santander and Prudential and is qualified to the Chartered Insurance Institute Diploma standard.

This sales experience is now also utilised effectively with Yorkshire businesses and since 2006 the Business has developed and delivered nine sales development programmes for a range of 70 start up, established and high growth businesses. These programmes include two one day workshops and one to one coaching and have received excellent feedback.

‘Thought I would drop you a quick line to thank you for involving me on the sales course. Tim has been a true source of inspiration for me. I have made some great appointments since seeing him. He has given me confidence, courage and also integrity whilst displaying these qualities.’

Deborah Siswick – Matchpoint- attendee on sales development programme

Tim had two sales related fact sheets published by Business Link Yorkshire – ‘Sales and Marketing’ and ‘Networking, Advertising and Mailshots’ which were widely downloaded until the closure of Business Link in November 2011.

Project Management

Tim Forman has been involved in project management for a considerable part of his career and projects range from acquisition and integration with previous employers; Frizzell and Skipton Financial Services to the training of new recruits through recruitment campaigns with Barclays and Santander (Abbey) and strategic business review with Yorkshire businesses through Business Link Yorkshire and, since their demise, Science City York.

The Business is able to manage projects and deliver quality outcomes within budget and has developed a track record of achievement with national and local businesses.

Events and Presentations

We deliver events and presentations throughout Yorkshire and the UK and these range from Business events on behalf of organisations including Business Link Yorkshire (delivered until November 2011 when they closed), Leeds Metropolitan University, The Coaching Academy and Construction Skills through to public speaking engagements for clubs, societies, dinners, groups and associations.

‘A gentleman called Cartwright Kirkby telephoned. He attended an event yesterday called ‘Improve your Cashflow and Debt Management’ in Leeds. He said the presenter was called Tim Forman and that if there was an award for the presenter of the year then he should get it. He said he was excellent and wanted me to let you know.’

Telephone call received at Business Link Yorkshire and forwarded to the Events Manager – February 2010

Business events are designed to be interactive and to fully meet the needs of attendees who have given up valuable business time to attend. They can range from 20 minutes to up to one day in duration and we are delighted to receive enquiries to utilise our services to deliver events covering subjects including, cashflow and debt management, sales, marketing, leadership and management and communications.

We also offer event management services where we can host and compére a variety of events and occasions.

Tim Forman is a regular speaker to Yorkshire clubs, societies, groups and organisations and his details can be found in the Yorkshire Speakers Directory – Presentations at these events include ‘Twenty Amusing Years in Sales and Marketing’ and any fees are donated to Candlelighters Childrens Cancer Charity –

Tim Forman is now also becoming a regular speaker on the after dinner circuit and is happy to travel to all UK locations where he will use his natural Northern sense of humour to bring his original stories to life and entertain audiences at a wide range of functions.